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What is Tai Chi

T'ai chi Chuan or taijiquan 太极拳 (Manderin pronunciation) or Tai Gik Kuen (Cantonese pronunciation) 太極拳 ...

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Why Learn Tai Chi

Tai Chi or Tai Chi fist form is a gentle art, yet consists of dynamic non-jarring movements which support bodily functions in three basic ways:

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Sifu Sammy Tsang and Sifu John Cheung on Tai Chi and a little bit about themselves.

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"Learning Tai Chi is great fun... The movements might look slow and gentle, but it’s a surprisingly strenuous workout too." Anna Asbury - February 2015

"I can feel I have become more confidence and more interested in learning the Tai Chi arts"

"If you’re looking to learn Tai Chi in its original forms then Sifu Sammy is your best choice. " Miss Thanh - February 2015